Online Education & Learning Centre

HSE Online Learning Centre ( ) is an online learning portal developed and run by the Health Service Executive through the Human Resources Function. It is available to all Healthcare Professionals in the Republic of Ireland, both within the Health Service Executive (HSE), Voluntary Hospital Sector, and associated Non-Government-Organisations (NGO's) working in health or allied disciplines. provides courses and learning resources for Healthcare workers in both hospital and community health settings. Access to is available over the internet, on a secure site, using Secure-Site-License (SSL) certificates, is always available, and can be accessed from any Internet capable computer, whether at work or at home.

The project has been in existence since 2005 in pilot status, and has been fully functioning since 2007.

HSELand has over 60,000 registered users to date (over 50% of Irish Healthcare employees) and over 27,000 registered members on the Practice Development Hubs.

Users have enrolled on over 68,000 e-learning programmes with 38,000 e-learning programme completions being recorded to date

The trends in these figures would suggest a healthy response to promotional efforts and a realisation in these uncertain times of the value and opportunity offered by on line learning. To date a higher level of engagement is evident among clinical staff for clinical courses that are relevant to the current need.  These courses also have associated with them clear operational links in response to service needs and are heavily promoted by the services or departments that have commissioned and funded them.

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